Beyond the White Cube Walking Tour

16 July 2022, 1-3PM


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Traversing four stops across London in Marylebone, Trafalgar’s Square, and Hackney, experience art beyond the conventional white walls of a gallery through an afternoon walking tour led by curators Jenn Ellis and Ying Tan. This special tour is held in conjunction with the Beyond the White Cube course, where course attendees may join the tour for free. 

St. Cyprian’s Church, Marylebone

‘Into Air’ by Dawn Ng is a seminal site-specific exhibition curated by Jenn Ellis and presented by Sullivan+Strumpf. Set in harmonious dialogue with the heritage church’s minimalist neo gothic interior, ‘Into Air’ marks a thoughtful engagement with time, space and context where each work is apprehended as an individual encounter: how it stands, loiters, hangs, gravitates. 

Fourth Plinth, Trafalgar Square

‘Antelope’ by Samson Kambalu restages a photograph of Baptist preacher and pan-Africanist John Chilembwe and European missionary John Chorley as a sculpture, taken in 1914 at the opening of Chilembwe’s new church in Nyasaland, now Malawi. Chilembwe has his hat on, defying the colonial rule that forbade Africans from wearing hats in front of white people. A year later, he led an uprising against colonial rule, was killed and his church was destroyed by the colonial police.

On the plinth, Chilembwe is larger than life, while Chorley is life-size. By increasing his scale, the artist elevates Chilembwe and his story, revealing the hidden narratives of underrepresented peoples in the history of the British Empire in Africa, and beyond.

Hackney Windrush Art Commission

Situated on Narrow Way in Hackney Central, Veronica Ryan’s ‘giant Caribbean fruits’ is the first permanent public sculpture by the first Black female artist in the UK. The three-piece, marble and bronze work serves as a tactile intervention at the heart of community life in the borough.

Last May, Thomas J Price issued an open call to Hackney residents, inviting over 30 members of the local community with a personal connection to Windrush to be digitally photographed using a 3D scanning device, capturing their stature, stance, clothing, features and posture to inform the two final sculptures.



Price: S$35 / £20 per pax. Complimentary for attendees of the Beyond the White Cube course. Fee does not include public transportation costs. 

Please email team@metisart.co for more information and registration details.

Every attendee of the tour is entitled to a free consultation with our team on starting or developing a collection. 

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