An Art Advisory that
Journeys With You

An art education is just the beginning. Beyond our curriculum, we provide reliable guidance and expertise as you begin or build your art collection. Whether you are discovering art for the first time through The Tetrad, beginning to “get serious” with your budget, diversifying your investment portfolio, or developing a purposeful collection for posterity, Metis is here to journey alongside you.

The Very Best in Every Category

Our specialists understand the rise of cutting-edge emerging or regional art, as well as the sophisticated market for blue chip masterpieces. In whatever category, Metis aims to provide collectors with the very best pieces, and accompanies them along the entire process of sourcing to sale, installation and conservation.

Sustainable, Conscientious Collecting

We’re not just here for the cocktails. We care deeply about developing meaningful art collections, for now and for generations. We are here to build lifetime legacies of art philanthropy and patronage, especially in developing art ecosystems. While our advisors look for horizons of investment potential, they also provide networked opportunities for collectors to pay that potential forward.

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