An Art Education Tailored for You

Trouble finding time? Sit back and ease into an approachable, yet sophisticated art education with introductory to advanced courses crafted especially with your busy lifestyle in mind. We partner with exclusive members clubs in the heart of your city to bring you a refreshing weekend learning experience. Metis guarantees that you will emerge from our courses confident to begin a collection, and ready to comfortably navigate the fascinating world of modern and contemporary art.

The Tetrad

Let’s start here. The Tetrad is Metis’ version of Art 101, and more. This is the foundation, the beginning, the very cornerstone of our curricula — designed for you to “get” art and the art world in just four sittings:

A: The Broad Strokes of Art History
B: The Art Ecosystem
C: Value, Price and Investments
D: Trends, Theory and Vocabulary

The Chapters

Led by curators and critics, art historians and philanthropists, The Chapters unfolds a more rigorous and focused curricula. These advanced courses are for those keen to delve deeper into the manifold spheres of fine art, beyond The Tetrad.

For Corporates

Prefer something more intimate? We offer special rates and bespoke courses based on your needs for private, family office or corporate groups with a minimum size of 5 participants. Every attendee of our courses are entitled to a free consultation with our team on starting or developing a collection.

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