Prefer something more intimate? We offer special rates and bespoke courses based on your needs for private, family office or corporate groups with a minimum size of 5 participants. Every attendee of our courses are entitled to a free consultation with our team on starting or developing a collection.

The Intro

An appetiser to the more comprehensive curriculum of The Tetrad.
We frame it by asking a few common questions heard in art galleries everywhere:

  1. My kid could paint that. Why is it so expensive?
  2. If anything is acceptable as “art” these days, is it really that hard to be an artist?
  3. Why do the ultra rich collect art?

The Intro is S$200 per pax for 1 session. Each session is 1.5 hours. Please inquire with team@metisart.co for bespoke scheduling suitable for your organisation.

The Investor

We understand how money oils the art world and can provide a holistic, asset-driven approach to collecting art. The Investor is specially adapted for wealth or fund managers, family offices and HNWIs, and provides attendees with:

  1. A reading of art history through case studies of art patronage over
    the centuries, from the Renaissance to the contemporary art market.
  2. An understanding of price, valuation, cache and access in the
    art ecosystem, and how its primary and secondary markets interact.
  3. An insight into market trends, potential ROIs, and case studies of
    the longevity and afterlife of collections.
  4. A summary of best practices, risks, due diligence, and the importance of provenance and authentication.

The Investor is available on Zoom and in-person. Please inquire with team@metisart.co for bespoke pricing and duration suitable for your organisation.

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