Led by curators and critics, art historians and philanthropists, The Chapters unfolds a more rigorous and focused curricula. These advanced courses are for those keen to delve deeper into the manifold spheres of fine art, beyond The Tetrad.

12 June 2021

The currency of words like “sustainable” and “conscientious” has attuned us to how we ethically consume in our late capitalist society. But what does it mean to apply social, environmental and political frameworks to collecting? How can contemporary collections be mission-driven along the lines of long-term, social impact? 

Your Destination:
Discover how to build an art collection of lasting legacy with a social mission at its core. Cultivate a conscious approach to philanthropy that moves beyond the realm of material acquisitions.

Mariela Scafati, Untitled, 2019, Ceramics, wood, rope, blanket, variable measures. Collection of Benedicta M Badia-Nordenstahl.

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25 September 2021

Interested to develop confidence in speaking about and engaging deeply with contemporary art and exhibitions? This full-day course will explore art as a source of meaning. Activities based on group discussions will focus on vocabulary, ideas and context.

Your Destination:
Express your views with clarity and confidence. Be equipped to engage in enriching conversations about the meaning of contemporary art and its role in society.

Camille Henrot, Office of unreplied emails, 2016-17, digital prints on silicone, wooden racks, rubber floor covering. Image courtesy of LASALLE College of the Arts.

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11 December 2021

Made up of over 25,000 islands, the archipelago sits between modern-day mainland Southeast Asia and Australia and inevitably makes up a diversity of cultures and traditions. This course offers entry points to art enthusiasts in understanding the cultural and historical contexts to this vast geographical terrain.

Your Destination:
Gain a nuanced appreciation of Indonesian, Malaysian and Singapore art through cultural contexts that go beyond the art historical canon.

Exhibition view of Between Worlds: Raden Saleh and Juan Luna, 16 November 2017–11 March 2018; Karl Johann Bahr, Portrait of Raden Saleh, 1842, Oil on canvas, 86.5 x 71.7 cm, Collection of Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia. Image courtesy of National Gallery Singapore.

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