The Tetrad (Almaty)

11 & 18 November, 2021

Ayusai Visitor Centre


    Thursday, 11 November

    10am—12pm: A – The Broad Strokes of Art History
    12pm—1.30pm: Lunch Break
    1.30pm—4.30pm: B – The Art Ecosystem
    4.30pm—5pm: Q&A

    Thursday, 18 November

    10am—12pm: C – Value, Price and Investments
    12pm—1.30pm: Lunch Break
    1.30pm—4.30pm: D – Trends, theory and vocabulary
    4.30pm—5pm: Q&A

    Both dates will include a coffee break from 2.45pm—3.10pm.

    US$400 per pax for 4 sessions. Each session is 2 hours.

    The price includes a set lunch and drinks. 

    Every attendee of our courses is entitled to a free consultation with our team on starting or developing a collection.

    A: The Broad Strokes of Art History

    As the Metis maxim goes, history is everything to the value of art. From ancient art to modernism and global contemporary art, we trace how major art movements were impacted by simultaneous developments in history, technology, philosophy and culture.

    Your Destination:
    Gain an in-depth understanding of the historical contexts that scaffold the development of art and its value in the world today. Draw cogent links between art and global or regional histories, society, and the cultures it emerges from.

    B: The Art Ecosystem

    Who’s who? Galleries, museums, non-profits, art fairs and auction houses fulfil both conflicting and complementary roles that shape the growth of artists’ careers. We make sense of their complex interactions that drive the world of contemporary art.

    Your Destination:
    Become acquainted with who key industry actors are, their roles in the art ecosystem, and determine their level of influence in how they define an artist’s career. Know how to evaluate artists’ CVs, which are often determinants of their works’ prices.

    C: Value, Price and Investments

    Now, let’s talk business. We get to grips with what value really means according to both art theorists and dealers — two sides of the same coin. We penetrate the often opaque ebbs and flows of the art market.

    Your Destination:
    Grasp what it means to be an emerging, mid-career, or blue chip artist, and identify the invisible primary and secondary market mechanisms that promote their value. See through the dark matter of art investments.

    D: Trends, Theory and Vocabulary

    What’s on trend in the art world?
    In our final, practical session, we burst bubbles, avoid faux pas, and dive deeper into “art speak”, the theoretical lingo of the art crowd.

    Your Destination:
    Sound like you actually know what you’re talking about! Discuss artworks confidently and intelligently. Distinguish between what’s important, and what’s mere “hype”, and emerge from The Tetrad ready to begin your own collection.