On the occasion of ArtSG and Singapore Art Week 2024, Jamie QQ Wu’s home transforms into a lush garden of fine art pieces for the third instalment of “Enter Eden”, curated by Metis Art in partnership with leading regional galleries Sullivan+Strumpf and ISA Art Gallery.   

The Garden of Eden is the biblical earthly paradise created by God to be inhabited by his first human creations – Adam and Eve. The title of the exhibition series is also an homage to Jamie Wu’s daughter’s name, Eden. In this spirit and in an effort to create a sacred, feminine and meditative space away from the bustle of Art Week, the show focuses on three female artists who each explore junctures between the divine, humanity and nature.   

Lynda Draper, Lindy Lee and Ines Katamso work across different forms, techniques and media, but all in a slow, craft-based manner that can be reparative and restorative to our crisis-ridden, fast-paced world. Lynda Draper’s ceramic objects from a series she calls Talismans can wield surreal, magical resonance. Lindy Lee’s paper and steel works reflect on the metaphysical, through the teachings of Buddhism and Taoism. Ines Katamso draws from mythological and pre-historic references to propose a sustainable future. 


Opening/Afternoon Cocktail
13 January 2024, strictly by invite only.

Soho House Tour
13 January 2024, 4-5:40PM, register on the app.

Afternoon Cocktail
20 January 2024, strictly by invite only.

Mandala Club Tour
20 January 2024, 4-5:40PM, register on the app.

Contact christina@metisart.co for private viewings from 13-31 January, 2024. 

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