From 13-17 October, the Korean International Art Fair (KIAF) 2021 returned after a two-year hiatus. Competition for the fair was fierce, with around 170 galleries representing only a fraction of those that had applied to participate. Here, Metis lists our favourite works from this much-anticipated event.

Quarter Circle Painting (from peach to pineapple)

Claudia Comte
Acrylic on canvas, 4 parts
75 x 75 x 4.5 cm
König Galerie

Image courtesy of König Galerie.

Comte’s painting combines a confident use of colour and precise geometric forms to create a work that is bold and dynamic. There is an energy to this hypnotic work that keeps us glancing back again and again. 

Tonight Now

Eimei Kaneyama
Oil on canvas
53 x 65 cm

Image courtesy of Whistle.

Kaneyama’s painting combines rich colours with organic forms, culminating in a work that is subtle yet beguiling. The abstractions in the work are playful and stylish at once, giving it a timeless appeal. 

Double Leg

Mark Yang
Oil on canvas
96.5 x 116.8 cm
Various Small Fires

Image courtesy of the artist.

Born in 1994, Mark Yang was one of the breakout stars at KIAF 2021. His vigorous works cast a strong presence at the fair, with their vivid colours and intriguing arrangements. Yang is definitely on our list as an artist to watch for the future. 


Iván Navarro
Neon light, sapele, mirror, one-way mirror and electric energy
158 x 102 x 21 cm
Gallery Hyundai

Image courtesy of Gallery Hyundai.

Navarro’s work is, quite literally, electric. We can’t keep our eyes off Clown, a piece that engulfs the viewer, drawing them deeper into its seemingly bottomless heart. This is a piece that is full of energy, and one that certainly leaves its mark on a room. 

The Composer

Li Songsong
Oil on canvas
100 x 100 cm
Pace Gallery

Image courtesy of Pace Gallery.

We round off our selection with the tactile work of Li Songsong. Deeply sensual, the work casts a spell on the viewer through its layers and rich pigments, blending a mastery of workmanship with a manipulation of space that transcends the canvas. 

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