Our own Founder, Christina J. Chua is joined by our favourite partnering member’s club in Singapore, Mandala‘s Head of Culture, Anmari van Niewenhove, for a short interview and recap of Singapore Art Week 2023. The two were friends from university, united by their love for literature and reconnected later on by being in the same industry. Anmari was also a former Consultant for Metis Art.

From the return of a mega art fair, ArtSG at Marina Bay Sands, tours and trails for the Singapore Art Week to the Club’s very own Art Bar and Art Jaunt, one could surely say that this tiny red dot is very much alive with all things art – as the Lion City continues its pursuit of supporting, promoting and inspiring professionals in its creative and arts scene.

Guests at the inaugural Metis & More pop-up exhibition, “Enter Eden”.

Christina designed Mandala Club’s Art Jaunt as diversified and comprehensive – carefully handpicked out of 300 events across the island. Members were introduced to upcoming artists, new media masters, blue-chip pieces and Metis’ very own pop-up in an architectural masterpiece, home to fellow member, Jamie QianQian Wu.

The Honolulu Museum of Art not only has a Monet “Waterlilies” in its collection; it also has a verdant waterlily garden of its own.

Everyone’s foray into art is unique. Christina’s journey first started when she came across one of Claude Monet’s Waterlilies at the Honolulu Museum of Art. While being constantly exposed to her sister’s work, she was eventually inspired to embark on her own – as an art critic, gallerist, owning an art-and-tech platform and finally designing a curriculum around Metis Art.

Christina and Anmari also exchanged insights on art fair etiquette, art investment as well as where to find a cheeky glass of bubbly to appreciate art with.

Watch the interview here.


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