Collector’s Diary

03 January 2022, filed under Metis For Change, South Asia, West Asia

Metis for Change: Women’s Issues in West and South Asia

By Metis Team

Metis takes a look at five artists whose works explore issues of gender in the context of the Middle East

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12 August 2021, filed under Metis For Change

Metis for Change: Artists and Climate Change

By Metis Team

As the effects of climate change grow increasingly urgent, contemporary artists are using their works as platforms to imagine more sustainable futures and highlight ecological concerns. Metis highlights five ecocritical works from around the world here.

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27 May 2021, filed under Collecting, Metis For Change

New Modes for Art: Global Collections with a Social Mission

By Metis Team

Collecting has experienced an underground shift from personality and financially driven motivations to social practice. With conscientious collecting at the heart of Metis Art, we take a look at a few innovative models that have emerged that redefine what collecting could be.

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