Collector’s Diary

15 July 2021, filed under Metis Radar, East Asia

On the Radar: South Korea

By Metis Team

Metis brings you our picks from the South Korean art world.

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17 June 2021, filed under Metis Radar, Southeast Asia

On the Radar: Rising Artists from Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar

By Metis Team

Southeast Asia is a vast region with incredible internal diversity. We hone in on some of the artists on our radar hailing from Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

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25 February 2021, filed under Central Asia, Metis Radar

On the Radar: Central Asia’s Rising Artists

By Vladislav Sludskiy

Besides some institutional presence and gallery representation, contemporary art from Central Asia is still under the radar. Metis’ Senior Consultant for Central Asia, Vladislav Sludskiy, weighs in on several rising artists in the region.

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