Collector’s Diary

30 September 2021, filed under Featured, Artwork, Collecting, Highlights, Metis Picks

On the Radar: The New Generation at OVR: Basel 2021

By Metis Team

OVR: Basel took place last weekend, running concurrently to Art Basel’s physical fair in Switzerland. Here, Metis takes a look at our favourite works from young artists displayed at the OVR. Born between the late 80s to late 90s, the works from these artists are bold, thoughtful and illuminating — we’ll surely be keeping a close eye on them in the years to come.

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16 September 2021, filed under Artwork, Highlights, Metis Picks

Metis Picks TEFAF 2021: Abstraction in the Works of Female Artists

By Metis Team

TEFAF’s 2021 online fair ran from 9-13 September and featured 250 exhibitors. Metis takes a look at abstraction in the works of female artists exhibited in the fair.

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31 August 2021, filed under Artwork, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Melanie Pocock

By Metis Team, Melanie Pocock

Curators Bala Starr and Melanie Pocock will be leading our upcoming Chapters course, The Language of Contemporary Art, on 25 September. Bala is currently the director of La Trobe Art Institute in Victoria, Australia, while Melanie is a curator at Ikon in Birmingham, UK. We speak to Melanie about her practice, how she sees public engagement in terms of contemporary art, and what we can expect from the upcoming course.

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