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13 February 2024, filed under Singapore, Metis Picks, Southeast Asia

Discovering Bali at Singapore Art Week

By Metis Team

We recap a selection of Bali-based artists featured during Singapore Art Week.

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Metis Recaps Singapore Art Week with Mandala Club

By Metis Team

Our Founder, Christina J. Chua is joined by our favourite partnering member’s club in Singapore, Mandala’s Head of Culture, Anmari van Niewenhove, for a short interview and recap of Singapore Art Week 2023.

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17 January 2022, filed under Singapore, Metis Events

HORIZONS at Singapore Art Week 2022

By Metis Team

Metis collaborates with AORA Space, so-far, and 80+ international contributors to present a 24-hour virtual programme for Singapore Arts Week 2022.

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01 December 2021, filed under Artwork, Collecting, Singapore

Meet the Metis Instructor: Syed Muhammad Hafiz

By Metis Team

Instructor of Reading the Malay Archipelago, Syed Muhammad Hafiz, speaks to Metis about his favourite art figure in the region, archipelagic thinking, and art collecting.

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28 September 2021, filed under Singapore, Southeast Asia, Metis Partners

Collaborating with DECK: A conversation with Gwen Lee

By Gwen Lee, Metis Team

As our partnering non-profit for our August instalment of The Tetrad, we speak to Gwen Lee, the Director and Co-founder of DECK — an independent art space for photographers in Singapore. Here, Gwen shares her thoughts about the future of DECK and the evolving local contemporary photography scene.

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22 July 2021, filed under Singapore, Southeast Asia, Metis Partners

Collaborating with STPI Gallery: A conversation with Rita Targui

By Rita Targui, Metis Team

Metis speaks to Rita Targui, the Director of STPI, about the gallery’s evolution over the years and its positioning in the local and global art ecosystems.

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03 June 2021, filed under Collecting, Singapore, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Benedicta Badia-Nordenstahl

By Benedicta Badia-Nordenstahl, Metis Team

Art Ambassador and Patron Benedicta M. Badia de Nordenstahl shares about her ethos and unique approach to collecting as a social practice.

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11 May 2021, filed under Singapore, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Christina J. Chua

By Christina J. Chua, Metis Team

Metis’ Co-Founder Christina J. Chua speaks on her background as an arts professional and expounds her vision as creator and instructor at the upcoming event The Tetrad.

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06 May 2021, filed under Highlights, Singapore, Metis Partners

Collaborating with Straits Clan/Mandala Club: A Conversation with Camilla Hewitson

By Christina J. Chua

Camilla Hewitson, Consultant for the Straits Clan/Mandala Club Arts Program, shares her insights on collaboration with Metis Art.

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