Collector’s Diary

15 March 2021, filed under Singapore, Metis Spotlight

Singapore’s Last Living Pioneer Artist

By Christina J. Chua

Metis Director Christina J. Chua reflects on the long-standing artistic practice of the centenarian and Cultural Medallion Winner Lim Tze Peng and the key elements of his works that continue to enthral us today.

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05 March 2021, filed under Central Asia, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Consultant: Vladislav Sludskiy

By Vladislav Sludskiy, Metis Team

Vladislav Sludskiy, our Senior Consultant for Central Asia, speaks about his experience prior to joining Metis, how the Central Asian market is rapidly evolving, and what it means to begin a collection in a nascent art ecosystem.

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01 March 2021, filed under Newsletter

March 2021 Newsletter – A Letter from Almaty

By Metis Team

25 February 2021, filed under Central Asia, Metis Radar

On the Radar: Central Asia’s Rising Artists

By Vladislav Sludskiy

Besides some institutional presence and gallery representation, contemporary art from Central Asia is still under the radar. Metis’ Senior Consultant for Central Asia, Vladislav Sludskiy, weighs in on several rising artists in the region.

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11 February 2021, filed under Australasia, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Consultant: Vanessa Trento

By Vanessa Trento, Metis Team

Our Senior Consultant for Australasia, Vanessa Trento, answers a few questions about her previous projects in China, building bridges from East Asia to the South Pacific, and how education can pave the way for the increasingly global art scene in Australia.

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04 February 2021, filed under Singapore, Metis Picks

Metis Picks from S.E.A. Focus 2021

By Christina J. Chua

Titled ‘hyper-horizon’ as a survey of upheaval and change in Southeast Asia’s future, S.E.A. Focus 2021 brought together 27 galleries and 54 artists with a hybrid programme of online and offline events. Check out our highlights of this year’s showcase.

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