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28 September 2021, filed under Singapore, Southeast Asia, Metis Partners

Collaborating with DECK: A conversation with Gwen Lee

By Gwen Lee, Metis Team

As our partnering non-profit for our August instalment of The Tetrad, we speak to Gwen Lee, the Director and Co-founder of DECK — an independent art space for photographers in Singapore. Here, Gwen shares her thoughts about the future of DECK and the evolving local contemporary photography scene.

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16 September 2021, filed under Artwork, Highlights, Metis Picks

Metis Picks TEFAF 2021: Abstraction in the Works of Female Artists

By Metis Team

TEFAF’s 2021 online fair ran from 9-13 September and featured 250 exhibitors. Metis takes a look at abstraction in the works of female artists exhibited in the fair.

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09 September 2021, filed under Metis Radar, South Asia

On the Radar: Rising Artists from South Asia

By Metis Team

While the news of the art market in Asia is often dominated by the East, regions like South Asia are also hitting their stride, with their markets coming into their own and maturing over the past few years. From Sri Lanka in the south to Pakistan in the north, Metis hones in on some of the artists on our radar.

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01 September 2021, filed under Newsletter

September 2021 Newsletter – Insights on South Asia

By Metis Team

31 August 2021, filed under Artwork, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Melanie Pocock

By Metis Team, Melanie Pocock

Curators Bala Starr and Melanie Pocock will be leading our upcoming Chapters course, The Language of Contemporary Art, on 25 September. Bala is currently the director of La Trobe Art Institute in Victoria, Australia, while Melanie is a curator at Ikon in Birmingham, UK. We speak to Melanie about her practice, how she sees public engagement in terms of contemporary art, and what we can expect from the upcoming course.

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12 August 2021, filed under Metis For Change

Metis for Change: Artists and Climate Change

By Metis Team

As the effects of climate change grow increasingly urgent, contemporary artists are using their works as platforms to imagine more sustainable futures and highlight ecological concerns. Metis highlights five ecocritical works from around the world here.

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04 August 2021, filed under Collecting, Metis Picks

Metis Picks: Frieze Viewing Room Los Angeles Edition 2021

By Metis Team

Metis brings you a selection of our favourite works from the 2021 Los Angeles Edition of Frieze’s Viewing Room, curated by Venus Lau and comprising 47 leading galleries.

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01 August 2021, filed under Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter – Insights on Mainland Southeast Asia

By Metis Team

22 July 2021, filed under Singapore, Southeast Asia, Metis Partners

Collaborating with STPI Gallery: A conversation with Rita Targui

By Rita Targui, Metis Team

Metis speaks to Rita Targui, the Director of STPI, about the gallery’s evolution over the years and its positioning in the local and global art ecosystems.

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