Collector’s Diary

06 May 2021, filed under Highlights, Singapore, Metis Partners

Collaborating with Straits Clan/Mandala Club: A Conversation with Camilla Hewitson

By Christina J. Chua

Camilla Hewitson, Consultant for the Straits Clan/Mandala Club Arts Program, shares her insights on collaboration with Metis Art.

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04 May 2021, filed under Metis Picks, Africa

Metis Picks from Africa

By Metis Team

Africa remains one of the fastest growing regions for the fine art market. Metis provides a peek into the potential of this mega-continent by highlighting some of the notable modern and contemporary African artists today.

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01 May 2021, filed under Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter – A Look at Africa

By Metis Team

29 April 2021, filed under Singapore, Metis Spotlight

Kim Lim: Breaking the Mould

By Metis Team

While art historical discourse around the minimalist sculptor and printmaker Kim Lim was largely overlooked throughout her life, the artist and her works garnered much posthumous attention. We draw attention to the complexity and significance of her life and practice despite her late addition to the annals of art history.

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08 April 2021, filed under Metis Picks, Middle East & North Africa

Metis Picks from Art Dubai 2021

By Christina J. Chua, Vladislav Sludskiy

After countless OVRs and virtual exhibitions, we could not miss the return of a major in-person art fair. Follow Christina J. Chua and Vladislav Sludskiy as they guide us through some of their favourites from Art Dubai 2021.

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01 April 2021, filed under Newsletter

April 2021 Newsletter – A Letter from Dubai

By Metis Art

01 April 2021, filed under Singapore, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Consultant: Anmari Van Nieuwenhove

By Anmari van Nieuwenhove, Metis Team

Anmari van Nieuwenhove talks about how her experiences with Singapore Art Museum and Telok Ayer Arts Club shape the way she approaches her clients’ collections in this new chapter of her career as a Metis Consultant for Singapore.

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25 March 2021, filed under Singapore, Meet Metis

Five Questions with Metis Co-Founder Cliff Hartono

By Cliff Hartono, Metis Team

Metis’ Co-Founder Cliff Hartono speaks about the formation of Metis Art and how he began his own journey of collecting coming from a finance background.

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18 March 2021, filed under Highlights, Australasia

The Big Picture: Contemporary Art Institutions in Australia

By Vanessa Trento

One of the great strengths of the Australian art ecosystem is its museums. Senior Consultant Vanessa Trento provides an aerial view of the major art institutions across the country.

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