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01 July 2021, filed under Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter – Insights on East Asia

By Metis Team

24 June 2021, filed under Metis Picks

Metis Picks from Art Basel OVR: Portals — Works from the Asia-Pacific Region

By Metis Team

On view from 16-19 June 2021, “OVR: Portals” was Art Basel’s first curator-led edition of its online viewing rooms. Here’s a selection of artworks from the Asia-Pacific region that have lingered on our minds.

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17 June 2021, filed under Metis Radar, Southeast Asia

On the Radar: Rising Artists from Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar

By Metis Team

Southeast Asia is a vast region with incredible internal diversity. We hone in on some of the artists on our radar hailing from Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

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03 June 2021, filed under Collecting, Singapore, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Benedicta Badia-Nordenstahl

By Benedicta Badia-Nordenstahl, Metis Team

Art Ambassador and Patron Benedicta M. Badia de Nordenstahl shares about her ethos and unique approach to collecting as a social practice.

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01 June 2021, filed under Newsletter

June 2021 Newsletter – Insights on Australasia

By Metis Team

27 May 2021, filed under Collecting, Metis For Change

New Modes for Art: Global Collections with a Social Mission

By Metis Team

Collecting has experienced an underground shift from personality and financially driven motivations to social practice. With conscientious collecting at the heart of Metis Art, we take a look at a few innovative models that have emerged that redefine what collecting could be.

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11 May 2021, filed under Singapore, Meet Metis

Meet the Metis Instructor: Christina J. Chua

By Christina J. Chua, Metis Team

Metis’ Co-Founder Christina J. Chua speaks on her background as an arts professional and expounds her vision as creator and instructor at the upcoming event The Tetrad.

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06 May 2021, filed under Highlights, Singapore, Metis Partners

Collaborating with Straits Clan/Mandala Club: A Conversation with Camilla Hewitson

By Christina J. Chua

Camilla Hewitson, Consultant for the Straits Clan/Mandala Club Arts Program, shares her insights on collaboration with Metis Art.

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04 May 2021, filed under Metis Picks, Africa

Metis Picks from Africa

By Metis Team

Africa remains one of the fastest growing regions for the fine art market. Metis provides a peek into the potential of this mega-continent by highlighting some of the notable modern and contemporary African artists today.

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